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Thanks for showing up on time! Reader-chan!

Someday, I will travel to Japan to eat the foods and see Akihabara, but until then I will learn everything I can and share it with all of you. The Anime, games, little facts and details, and so much more!

Anime Related

I’ve been watching anime ever since I was eight years old. I want to develop my love even further and start collecting anime goodies at some point. Talking about anime is what I enjoy doing , so I hope you enjoy the content as much I enjoyed making it.

Japan & News

Learning about Japan (their culture in general) and all the amazing parts of it has always been my hobby since I was young. I’ll be happy to share anything and everything I learn about Japan with you, so keep those eyes peeled to see what we learn!

Unrelated & Personal

Sometimes you have to take the mask off and be someone else. If it’s not about Japan or anime related, I’ll be writing short stories, poems, and talking about a lot of other things. I’m aspiring to be a writer on both this blog and a professional level. Enjoy the post and thanks for the support!

Tokyo’s Senso-ji Temple

Trying to get to get a job, work, or even study in Japan? No problem if you check out Gaijinpot!, JET Program, or Interac Network. Here’s a bit of background.

“there is a phantom in front of me, I notice him as I fall to my knees again. the hardships of life are weighing me down and all hope for a better one feels pointless. The Phantom turns to me and says (in an all to familiar voice), “stand up.” I look up to see a person who reminds me of someone and after looking for a few moments I realize the phantom is a more matured me. He speaks, “stand up, and take my place in this light we call our dreams. I will not leave you behind, but I cannot help you either.” His words both encourage and fill me with the drive to move again. Though the pain brutal and progress slow, my phantom patiently waits for me to reach him”

– HP-sama

About Me

If you happen to be lover new culture and anime than I’m happy you found me reader-chan! As both a full-time weeb and aspiring writer I shall be working with all sorts of information to create an unique array of posts! So stick around and lets see where it takes us.

Wanna chat?

You can always find me talking on my new twitter or you can even leave a comment on any post within the blog and I’ll be happy to say hello and leave a like.


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